Become an Exclusive Distributor/Dealer of Currie Chemical Company Agricultural Row Crop Nutrients Products and Agricultural Equipment

Business Opportunities Distributors and Dealer requests are welcome at Currie Chemical

Income Opportunity exists as an exclusive Currie Chemical Company Distributor.

  • Currie Chemical Company Inc. has exclusive dealerships available in selected territories throughout the world.
  • Currie Chemical Company Inc. is an agricultural nutrient company that has developed several proprietary product lines that are excellent in increasing yields and nutrient efficiencies in many crops. These products are developed with years of research and good fundamental plant nutrition. This knowledge and experience can make you a winner.
  • Currie Chemical Company Inc. will train you in all phases of Plant Nutrient and Agricultural Equipment sales, installation, and service. You will learn to utilize all your skills in every application. Each application of nutrients and equipment can be a business unto itself and you are not required to take the whole line on.
  • Currie Chemical Company Inc. has sales and marketing tools to make you an excellent sales person and give you the power to meet and beat the competition.

As a potential Distributor/Dealer you will need to have the following

  • Knowledge of how to run a business (past business ownership is a plus)
  • Knowledge of basic sales Knowledge of personnel management
  • Ability of interpersonal communication (verbal, written, and electronic)
  • Ability to be self motivated and willing to work

We intend to spend precious time and resources on you and we expect you to put the work and commitment in to make yourself successful as well. For information on becoming a Currie Chemical Company Inc. Dealer, please fill out the below form and we will contact you personally. Or feel free to contact us directly at 207 762 5771.

Sales & Marketing Aides for Our Dealers/Distributors

The benefits of selling the Currie Chemical Company Inc. Systems

A great BENEFIT of the Currie Chemical Company Inc. System.... it will GENERATE MORE INCOME than ever possible using the traditional Agricultural nutrient and equipment products because we are unique and based in science. With our support and information, we can ensure an extremely profitable relationship.

With our support and information, we can ensure an extremely profitable relationship. How is this Possible?

1. The competition most likely doesn't carry Products similar to this and they do not have as much data on their products.

2. Our nutrient systems represent the highest plant nutrient technology and years of research in the industry, for which the customer will gladly pay.

3. Our plant nutrient systems are easy to understand and implement for the dealer and the customer.

4. we have a sales/marketing program that will help you to be a " SUCCESSFUL SALES PERSON ".

What Sales Tools Will Help Me Sell?

1. HOW-TO SALES MANUAL. We have compiled “TRIED & TRUE" techniques.

2. BROCHURES/LITERATURE. Attractive, professional, and informative. The kind of message you want to leave with your customer.

3. ADVERTISEMENTS for you to place in trade mags, local publications, and marketing plans to follow.

To be considered for a distributor/dealer of Currie Chemical Company Inc. Products feel free to fill out the form below and send it back via fax 207-764-8123 or email


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